Nexteam Group grew out of four family businesses specialising in precision mechanics and machining of hard metals. Positioned alongside major order issuers for over 40 years, these businesses acquired a unique wealth of experience passed on from generation to generation :

Gentilin, an expert since 1962 in machining of hard metals, especially titanium.
Sofop, created in 1971, a specialist in precision mechanics, which acquired the Romanian company Gevalco in 2004.
Asquini, created in 1974, a specialist in machining of high-precision mechanical parts, established in Poland since 2005.
MP Sud, a specialist in machining of aerospace components since 1998.

Following the success of their business cooperation within Aeroteam Services from 2009, and the merger of the Asquini and Sofop Groups in 2013, the four companies decided to form Nexteam Group in 2015 to reinforce their performance and competitiveness.



Nexteam Group daily applies the fundamental values that unite all its employees and come together to provide the foundation of its business culture: service, requirement, solidarity and goodwill.



Nexteam Group sees its activity in the wider context of responsibility to society, being in favour of sustained growth against a background of dialogue with employees and partners, with respect for the environment.


Strategic vision

Nexteam Group, a major actor in the field of aerospace, applies a development strategy centred on service and performance to work with its clients and thus meet their requirements as comprehensively as possible.

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