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The AOG Desk Gentilin service responds to emergency requirements for mechanical part production, in a very short time and with the Nexteam Group quality guarantee. A typical case is the manufacture of parts used to clear line jams or unblock a FAL (final assembly line) and thus avoid delayed delivery of an aeroplane.

Nexteam Group responds to these emergency requests with services in all of its areas of competence (3, 4 and 5-axis machining, mounting, surface treatment etc). The dedicated, multi-skilled and super-reactive team is organised to provide punctual service at all times by mastering a process from start to finish and analysing the file right through to control and dispatch of parts. It has a workshop and stock of AOG material, as well as three machines dedicated solely to this activity and operating in three eight-hour shifts.

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Dedicated workshop
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Unité matière AOG Speedshop

A dedicated material unit :

An organisation dedicated to preparation and transformation of materials (2000 m²)

  • From standard plates to specific needs
  • Flexibility
  • Versatility

Quality and certification

Nexteam Group makes client satisfaction and the best possible response to clients requirements a priority undertaking.



Nexteam Group offers a business model strongly geared towards innovation and R&D.

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