Material management and storage

In order to master production costs and optimise processes throughout the supply chain, Nexteam Group has invested in a plant specialising in transformation of raw materials specific to the field of aerospace (stainless steel, titanium, Inconel and lithium) equipped with water-jet cutting equipment and thoroughly up-to-date manual and automatic saws.

Thanks to these very modern and efficient production machines, the Group’s Launaguet manufactures semi-finished products intended for the various production sites (block-form, cast, extruded, forged) and provides its clients with storage, cutting and distribution of raw material, in a building with floor area of 2,500 m2.

The combination and five-axis cutting of cast items, and speed of implementation, are very important for Nexteam Group. With an average of 600 tonnes transformed, they guarantee a better level of client service.

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master warehouse
tonnes of titanium consumer each year
casts per year initial capacity



Quality and certification

Since the beginning, Nexteam Group has made client satisfaction and optimum response to client requirements its number one priority.



Nexteam Group offers a business model strongly geared towards innovation and R&D.

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