3D titanium stamping

NEXTEAM GROUP is a pioneer in the implementation of a revolutionary manufacturing technique known as Rapid Additive Forging, developed by Prodways Group after several years of R&D.

This process allows large-size titanium parts to be manufactured by 3D stamping, depositing molten metal wire. RAF technology makes it possible to obtain a metallurgical comparable to forging techniques, while reducing costs supply times.

NEXTEAM GROUP has already purchased the first Prodways RAF machine, for a qualification phase under actual working conditions. That led to the first series being produced in May 2019 onwards. Several aircraft and motor-vehicle manufacturers have already ordered parts, thus showing the importance of this technology.

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0 x800mm
large sizes

The project

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The resources : The RAF Prodways machine

  • Extensible dimensions of chamber : 1200 x 800mm
  • Robot 6 axis + 2 axis
  • Rotation of table from 0° to 90°
  • Fil-Arc base, WAAM type
  • Highly flexible flanging system with point location stop (x,y)
  • Cabin pressure regulation
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The advantages : A response to numerous industrial and economic challenges

  • Quality of metal comparable to forged metal
  • Reduced time periods, optimised supply chain
  • Optimised use of materials: buy-to-fly procedure
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increased client proximity
  • Capacity for including other functions in parts


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Quality and certification

Nexteam Group makes client satisfaction and the best possible response to clients' requirements a priority undertaking.



Nexteam Group offers a business model strongly geared towards innovation and R&D.

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