Nexteam Group offers a business model with a heavy emphasis on innovation and R&D, its ambition being to offer its clients the best in up-to-date technology, while preparing for the industrial challenges of the future. The business is the fruit of a strategic partnership with Prodways Group and as such is the first aerospace subcontractor with a machine based on Rapid Additive Forging (RAF) technology for 3D stamping of large-size titanium components.

The innovation unit’s work is centred on three main R&D themes: innovative products and services, new technology and new materials, and the 4.0 plant, with automation and digitisation of the value chain. Alongside major industrial actors, equipment suppliers and research institutions, it is also involved in a number of joint research projects. Finally, Nexteam Group has a R&D team dedicated to its clients, consisting entirely of engineers working for the company.

The numerous aspects of technical and methodological know-how, and the expertise acquired over time, has allowed Nexteam Group to embark on ever more ambitious and innovative projects.

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