Alarm system

It is Nexteam Group’s wish to favour internal dialogue. We therefore ask you to inform your immediate superior or the Human Resources department beforehand of any facts that you wish to point out, unless this is not possible.

This form will help you point out the facts that you know personally, in a coherent and completely impartial way. The facts must be described accurately and within a specific context.

Nexteam Group undertakes to deal within a reasonable period with the admissibility of the alarm and will inform you on the various stages of the processing*.
Nexteam Group assures that the identity of the person issuing the alarm, the person contacted and the information obtained, will remain confidential.

Your alarm will be routed to the Nexteam Group Human Resources Department.

* Anonymous alarms are not prohibited, but will be treated differently : no acknowledgement of receipt and no information on how the alarm is processed can be issued.